Unblur your project,
unblur your market

Web 2.0 changed the game, turning the marketer into little more than a hand on the ranch, working the numbers, losing sight of the trail they were meant to blaze.

So, some let their fire go cold.

Not us.

Our fire

We are ready to dig in and find the path through the brush. A client isn’t someone to sell a dream to. A client is a person with a problem no one else has been able to solve. We are in it together to create a pathway.

Our kind of work, the good work, doesn’t always have visibility. It’s the team’s camaraderie, the discipline to go deep, the thrill of unearthing resolution, and the gut wrench of pushing a program into the marketplace.

We answer to the audience, first and foremost. It’s the idea that counts, the message that cuts through the noise, and the execution that stays true to the solution.

What do we do?

We collaborate to solve business problems by designing and implementing marketing solutions.

Our kind of problem usually involves a client’s positioning and proposition. The proposition needs an audience or sharpening, revival, or relevance.

We choose clients we click with, and we collaborate closely. By engaging with your audience, we identify the most appropriate marketing discipline and creativity to unblur your proposition.

How we work is a semi-structured social process. We don’t just respond to a brief. We get out and engage stakeholders in a structured way, stimulating conversations with specific ideas.

We have the experience and acumen to engage with scientists, CEOs, buyers, and end-users on the factory floor – any stakeholder who can provide insight.

This provokes insights. Our creative process takes place at the same time. This is how we work fast.

We’re storytellers at heart, and we create experiences that resonate. We bring your vision to life.

Our network consists of people who we trust to create and deliver excellence.

And to keep it running like clockwork, we map and stick to a process that allows for re-planning as we learn more.


Compensation principles

Compensation can take many forms once we agree to work together. Retainers with cash and/or equity payments, project-based success fees, and commissions – we have contracts in all these forms.

Your focus is our challenge. If the work is meaningful and we “click,” we can be happy and productive together.


About the Founders

Refugees of traditional marketing, Antti, Mark, and the team go where others fear – the most complex, technical, futuristic, polarising, or geo-political issues – to understand, simplify, story-tell, and amplify to reach relevant audiences.

Antti Öhrling

Antti merges his enthusiasm for marketing and innovation with extensive experience in various leadership roles, such as Chairman, CEO, and Founder. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, with a rich experience in advertising, IT, telecommunications, publishing, and media. His entrepreneurial ventures have spanned across Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

Antti has over 20 international patents.

Mark Linder

A former CMO, Mark has created front-line business, stakeholder, and investor development for unusual entities – in China, Venezuela, the UK, the UAE, KSA, the USA, and the Nordics. He is a partner in Architectural Democracy and a long-term Trustee of Common Purpose. If Mark has a specialty, it’s working in controversialised categories.

Mark has Ø patents.


Pedro Aibeo

Architect-Engineer, Founder

Founder of Architectural Democracy, Pedro Aibéo is an internationally awarded Architect (Dipl. Ing., TU Darmstadt, Germany) and Civil Engineer with over 50 buildings designed and built in 18 countries. He is the founder and CEO of Gamified Cohousing, a Vis. Ass. Professor at UNAM University and at Wuhan University of Technology and a PhDc at Aalto University. He is also a published author.

Timo Mansikka-Aho

Long-form Writer

Timo is is a writer and designer based in Helsinki, working in international sectors, including ICT, boating, forestry, and construction. Timo interviews internationally renowned thought leaders and writes about them at Nordic Business Report.

Netta Paavoseppä

Revenue Developer

Netta is all about delivery. Whether leading sales or energising a sales team, Netta produces results. She is currently contracted to a major SAAS provider in Finland, as well as the new hotel/resort she built with her husband.

Anurag Sachdeva

Channel Developer

Based in India, Anurag has spent 20 years of experience driving growth and profits across product lines in India & South East Asia markets. His domains include Mobile Gaming (including Cloud Gaming), Licensing, Mobile Marketing, Animation & Telecom, with a focus on India, Finland & South East Asia.

Simon Parrott

Narrative Creator

London-based Simon is a creative director, working across branding, design, print, digital and film – from concept to execution. He is a singular creator and also an experienced team manager. He enjoys work with startups as well as the world’s biggest brands…Nokia, Shell Fuels, Puma, Amazon (AWS) and The FA.

Boris Zilberman

Ethnographic Researcher

An American living in Helsinki, Boris is an ethographic researcher. He plans and executes ethnographic research and management consulting projects. This insights process is often missing in B2B value chain analysis.

Boris is a successful ethnographer because people open up to him and he makes insightful observations.

Jesse Lempiainen

Founder, Designer, Coder

Besides being a gifted 3D designer, Jesse founded Geeeklab to help companies that market their apps and games save millions, by optimising the most crucial part of their users’ journey through our technology and expertise the thousands of tests and millions of data points give us.

Venkata Gandikota

SDG Founder

An engineer and researcher, Venkata raised €35M for Nordic sustainable startups. He co-founded Innofrugal in late 2013 with 2 colleagues. an NGO dedicated to open and frugal innovations. Venkata is a mobiliser of capital and talent in sustainable ventures.

Joni Hiirikoski

UX Designer

Joni is a full-stack designer, with a profound experience in product/UX/UI design and front-end development. He founded UX Studio. They work from from early-stage business concept to the final user experience and everything in-between. Joni understands delivery!

Winnie Lee

Branding & Digital Designer

After over 10 years of experience as an Art Director/Designer in Advertising, Branding, Digital and Integrated agencies located in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Helsinki, in 2012, Winnie started her own design studio with a focus on branding and digital design. She has created design works and experiences for a long list of well-known brands.

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